Blog Post #35 – August 1, 2017


Hello Pogoians,

It’s Tuesday! It’s Tuesday! Happy happy Tuesday. It’s August 1, too! Happy happy August 1! As you can tell, I’m a bit….well…happy today! And why not, since it’s a brand-new month full of unlimited possibilities including new Pogo Badge Challenges and Mini Mall items! Let’s take a look into some of the details.


Sneak Peek

WOOF! Meow! Bark! Puuurrrrr!
It’s all about Pets in this week’s Mini Mall!

Pogo_Rachael has a bit of a story for you this week about the Pets in the Mini Mall release, too:

“One of the most-requested items from our players are pets – pets of every breed, color, size, shape, and attitude. We’ve been trying to add a wider variety of animals to our Mini Mall this year, but this release is all about our beloved fur (and feather) babies. Plus, it has one animal that’s very near and dear to my heart: a tortie cat!

My parents have an adorable 16 year old tortie named Viola, and I myself had a beloved torbie cat who crossed the rainbow bridge just after her first birthday last year. By sheer luck, our Mini artists created a tortie cat whose coloring looks quite a bit like my Mia Meow’s, right down to that special head-tilt that’s pure, well, tortie-tude!

We’re trying to add more and more animals based upon player requests, so don’t be shy to suggest more here or on the forums. We’re doing our best to meet demand!”

Thank you sooooo much, Rachael. We LOVE our pets here in Pogo!



Summer Badge Blast

A new event is coming your way on Monday, August 7. The name: Summer Badge Blast!

We’ve got a big treat in store for Club Pogo Members this month. Here’s the deal: we’ll be launching a new Surprise Challenge every Monday throughout August. These will be free to all Club Pogo Members, and will include a nifty new Badge to add to your collection. Keep your eyes peeled for more news right here.



Every week I answer a question or two (non-technical) related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. To submit your questions for the Pogo Insider, click here!

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.

Q. Can you introduce a feature to decline gifts/badges?

A. Once upon a time, when I first started playing Pogo, I did not play any of the Hidden Object Games, including CLUE Secrets & Spies. But then, one magical day, I was gifted a Badge for StoryQuest. I thought about that Badge for a while, and then I forgot about it. And then one day, I saw it there and I felt compelled to try it out. And you know what? As I was playing for the Badge, I realized that I really enjoy playing StoryQuest. Moral of the story: Sometimes you may wish you didn’t receive a gift, but after a period of time (it may be a long or short period of time), you may rethink it and actually end up using and enjoying that gift.

I want each and every Pogoian to enjoy their Pogo gifts. I really do. If you do receive something you’d rather not have, I recommend putting it in a Badge Album for storage.


Thanks again for reading this edition of the Pogo Insider. August is going to be a really great month here. Oh and you know what’s coming up on September 1? Pogo’s 18th birthday! More on that in future Pogo Insider’s. Have a fantastic week, folks!



NOTE: Comments may take some time to be approved. Those which are off-topic or counterproductive to fostering a positive environment will not be posted. Thanks for reading the Pogo Insider!

If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!

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  • love all pets I would like to see a black panther they are beautiful in the wild also could we have another tab in the mini mall just for our limited edition minis thank you

    • That tab is a GREAT suggestion. Let me pass that along to the team. Sometimes I know those limited items can get lost in the shuffle and it’d be nice to separate them from the pack.

      More panthers is a great idea, too!

    • There was a black panther that is called Fyrebolt, I believe it was a pet of the month a year or so ago, and yes he is beautiful. Maybe he will be re-released

    • there is a black panther…I own it. He is beautiful Check it out

    • Love all the new PET items at the mall, thank you :) I know I’m getting OLD, but, I can’t find the shows…PLEASE HELP! I used to be pretty good at lol ;) ty

  • I Love all the animals from the mini mall. I couldn’t decide what I wanted ..So I bought them all. Good Job POGO.

    • Love the nice long dress and long hair and all is beautifull,but pogo put the game very too long,its summer so we do not here long time…we have sun too and camping etc!!

  • I just want to say…You do a wonderful job Pogo Llama ((((((((hugs)))))))))

    and, could you try to find out if the Tournament (the one that closes every 2 weeks) is ever going to have a final ending or will be changed. Its been going on for (about) 2 years. Thank you so much.

    • Thank you, foreversapphire! I appreciate your positive comment.
      Right now, there are not any plans to change up Tournaments so they will keep going as intended for now. Thank you for asking.

  • Hi,
    I would like to see some of the more interesting hats made to fit the short hair (with the hair showing). Also some more colorful jeans and shorts.
    I would also like to see the results of the Questionaires.
    Thank you

    • More hats is a great idea! With the questionnaire, it’s kind of a funny deal. We’re often making Minis pretty far in advance – sometimes as much as 6 months ahead of time – so it makes it harder for me to ask questions from players because I know they (rightfully) expect to see those results soon. With the winning short hairstyle, I think we can expect to see it in the mall around late August or early September. But don’t worry, I’ll still be working on getting different hairstyles out over time – maybe I can get one in every other release or so?

      • I like that idea of more hats, but a choice of different lengths of hair to choose from.

        also I agree with foreversapphire on the wonderful job your doing.

  • Great Mini Mall items. Tip for the 3 in a row badge. Play, if you win, keep playing. If you lose, don’t click new game, reload/refresh and play again, you will keep your progress. Loved the cat reading the book ♥

    • Wow, Kat!
      Thank You for the tip!

    • THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the tip on 3 in a row!!! We’ve been trying for over a week. Got it 20 minutes after reading this! I was so disappointed that I’d gotten an album I wouldn’t be able to finish. Oh, and did I say THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • I finished all ten badges by July 23rd and still have not been awarded the special badge for the Badge Marathon. I go to the Help with Pogo Games and cannot figure out how to get help. Can you forward this or explain how I can figure out how to get help. Thank you.

    • Hi Vic,
      If you look under the Badges section on your profile page, you will see the Club Pogo Marathon Badge was awarded to you on July 27. I just took a look and it was there. Thank you for participating in the Badge Marathon!

  • Nice additions to the Pet category but disappointing that the majority require gems. I also noticed that some are only available for 30 days which means the ones I wanted will disappear since buying more gems isn’t in the budget at this time. Maybe next time I’ll be able to take advantage of the pet minis. Thanks to the artists who did them, they do look great!

    • I was kind of torn about how to offer the dates for this release. I feel like generally, pets should be available all the time but it’s rare for us to put out a release in which every single item becomes permanently available. But you know, it might not be too tricky for me to ask that our team change those dates so more stay out for people. I’ll look into it for you!

  • I would like to have an adult American Eskimo dog. In fact, if you color the Puffy Pomeranian all white, it would be done in a flash. Thanks.

  • oops fortune lol

  • I am a cat person but for some oddball reason, I like donkeys and goats as well. No clue where it comes from tho

    • I feel the same, brat! I’m a dog and cat person that also loves goats, llamas, and the occasional unicorn. :)

  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (did I say THANK YOU!) for the wonderful Pet Mini Mall release—LOVED IT!

    • Thank you for the comment! Soooo glad you’re enjoying it. Which item was your very very favorite?

      • Pogo_Llama…

        Hard to pick just one…I guess my favorites are Furrocious Hunter and Reading Buddy (whenever I try to read—that’s my cat), and I love the Maine Coon cat too (reminds me of my cat named Buddy)…… you can tell I’m partial to felines……….And to the Pogo artists, Tuxedo cats PLEASE! ..

  • Yes. The Pet Mini release was great…Nice art work. Need more Birds, and animals for the left and right for the minis. Thank You.

  • I am looking forward to seeing what the Monday surprises will be!

    But I am still very unhappy with the changes to Badge Magic system. I would have bought quite a few of these badges – but because there are plenty of those I do not want, I decided not to play beyond the 6-gem first spin. Perhaps next month I will not even do that.

    On the other hand, I was starting to think I was spending too much money on badges – almost $700 last year – all of it going towards badges since I am not a fan of the Mini mall – and Pogo came up with a very effective way to curb my appetite for badges. Thanks, I suppose.

    • Thank you for your feedback on Badges, Hellga99. I’m looking forward to your thoughts on Monday’s Summer Badge Blast. Thank you for being a part of Pogo.

  • I’d love to see more hats with long hair and long hair in general. We have so many short-hair mini items, but not so many for long hair. Please don’t forget your long-haired pogo girls!

  • @Pogo_Rachael: I just wanted to say thank you to you and the art team for making the dancing dog and cat. They remind me of my black lab/pit bull, and my cat who passed last year. The dog looks almost exactly like my baby girl, but the cat doesn’t because mine was black, but I thought, “Oh well, close enough,” so I got them today. My dog and cat had an amazing bond and I never thought he’d take to any dog, but he took to her incredibly well. I think she just has a natural mothering streak because she treats any small dog or cat like a baby and is gentle with them. Now, dogs her own size? That’s another story.

  • hi . I accidentally activated the cleaning feature in popit party and now its removing all my costumes I have gotten , can you please tell me how to stop this feature. I love popit party and most of pogo thanks for your help

    • Hi Cathy211,
      Thanks for your question. Once you use a costume in Poppit! Party, it goes into cleaning mode and you are unable to use it again until it’s done cleaning. Each costume has its own cleaning time period and you can either wait for that time period to expire before using it again or you can select to use Gems to speed up the process. I hope this helps. Thank you.

  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The new mini release, I have a serious poker game going on, as my mini LOL. Thank-You

  • LoveLoveLove the new Pet items in the Mini Mall!
    Thanks to Everyone in POGOland!

    I’m a big bird fan, too. We have a total of 7 bird feeders that have safflower seeds, thistle, and suet and hummingbird feeders. It would be Amazing to have an animated outside hanging feeder!

    In any case, ThankYouThankYou for all the great Mini items!
    You are a Wonderful liaison, P.Llama! And I So appreciate you!

  • Dear Pogo_Llama, First of all, thank you doing this blog. It’s nice to be informed about upcoming things ;). Second, I’m absolutely addicted to Poppit Party, but since I have all the costumes and popcoins I can get, it’s now just like regular poppit,of which I’m not a fan. Since the 2nd collection will not be out for sometime (I understand lol), I was wondering if the Pogo team would consider adding to level 10 on the costumes, at which point we could receive the diamond costume badge? That would give us all something to work towards while waiting for the next collection. I hope this could be done because I miss my Poppit Party very much!
    Thank you

    • That’s great feedback on Poppit! Party. I’m not sure if it’s possible but I will pass it along. Thank you, Frankenkitty08.

  • Thank You for this weeks release and re-release in Mini Mall .. I have a allergy to dander so here on Pogo I can have a pet or two or three and I’m enjoying this. Also how about a Mini Milking a Cow.

    • Hmmm…Milking a cow Mini sounds very cool. Something my Wisconsinite-self can relate to. Thank you. :)

  • Just wondering when Collection 2 of Poppit Party will be available. It isn’t much fun playing the game when you reach the maximum you can collect and you don’t have any items to purchase. For now I will just play other games but I really liked “Poppit Party” and would like to keep playing. Thanks in advance.

    P.S. Would also like to see a Chinese Crested dog in your collection!


    • Hi moedpet50,
      Thanks for the Chinese Crested dog request. I’ll pass that along to Pogo_Rachael. The new costumes for Poppit! Party are currently in the design phase. I’ll keep you updated here when I know more.

  • How about doing some pit bull. I have 2 they’re good dogs getting a bad rap.

  • woffffffffffffffffffffff hello could u please make payday free call full screan thx vicruebear

  • Thanks Pogo for all the gifts we never get to old to love surprises. I appreciate you all.

  • I was wondering if they could design a brown Mastiff? Because my cousin who is also a Pogo player has a brown one. There is a grey one in the mini mall. Also can they design another Guide dog? Because I have a Pogo friend who used to have one in real life. There is one in the mini mall, but thought maybe a new one.

  • How about some working animals. around our area a lot of people have great pyranese dogs. they are loyal, hard working, and very loving. thanks

  • I have a white loveable Pit but don’t see any.

  • An animated lion or tiger would be great! There was once a beautiful animated lion but that was before my time. I love seeing it whenever someone is using it in their mini. It is gorgeous. Thanks for the opp to ask for this.

  • Where are my favorite doggies, the Norwegian Elkhounds??

    Thanks for the great games and fun :)

  • “…Q. Can you introduce a feature to decline gifts/badges?…”

    Actually, if you go to Accounts, then to the security tab on the left, you can decline gifts. ;-)

  • Hey Pogo_Llama, thanks for all your energy, remarks and general good attitude. I agree with those commenting on HATS…it would be super if we could get hats to go on any hairstyle and just plop ’em on the look we want. Wonder if it’s possible? Thanks again and love the tortie…my calico, Isabelle is snoozing by the rainbow bridge, I’m certain. Smiles!!

  • when will you get more episodes in Mahjon gardens, Love the game, have done all that you have and am waiting for ore

    • Hi grambeth49,
      I’m so glad you’re enjoying Solitaire Gardens! Yes, more levels are released on the 15th of each month so stay tuned as the 15th is just about 8 days away right now. Thank you!!

  • I would like to see more modest clothing in the future on the minis. There are children who play on this site. Some of the outfits I wouldn’t wear in real life and certainly not on my mini.
    I think we need to go back to the days when privacy was respected. Yes, I know we all go to the bathroom but I don’t think it is necessary to advertise it.
    Some of the gown designs are quite lovely but too low cut for my taste. Not everyone is show all, tell all.

  • I would like to see a Ragdoll cat, white with like gray paws. Thanks in advance!

  • First I would like to say you do a great job with a wide variety of items for the minis. I always find something I like. Just wish I could afford more of the animated ones. I never seem to have enough gems and being on social security, I can’t buy as many as I would like to have. I love the pets here on pogo. I would really like to see a Miniature Pincher. I know they are not as well known as some, but I raised and showed them for many years and would love to have one for my mini. Chihuahuas are another breed I love. Thank you for the chance to share.

    • Hi Matae14611,
      Thank you for your comment and suggestion on a Mini Pincher and Chihuahuas. I love having this blog as a chance for players to share. It’s so interesting and fun to hear everyone’s thoughts and opinions. Thanks again for sharing yours.

  • Love all pets but was wondering if sometime down the line you could do dog breed SOFT COATED WHEATEN TERRIER? I had two of them for 22 years and now they are at Rainbow Heaven. Thanks so much. Your pet section now is really awesome fetched a few things.




  • I would really like to see more levels added to Dice city roller

  • Hello Pogo_Llama and Pogo_Rachael, The recent Pet Theme Release Day is one of the best. Kudos to all the clever artists & computer geeks in creating such a pleasing event. My letter is a bit different and I don’t know if this is where I should be sending it, but here goes.
    I would like to request that Pogo place timers in our Pogo Email & GB’s so we know when we are reaching the max number of messages allowed in a 24-hour period. This way we comply with Pogo’s rule and we are not placed in Pogo Jail with denial of of our ability in sending or receiving messages. I’ve spoken with a Pogo Customer Service Rep. who liked the idea and other management people also liked the idea. Perhaps other club members might be in support of this too?

    • Thank you for your suggestion on timers in the Pogo email and Guest Books. I understand your reasoning behind that.

  • Hi and hoping you’re having a great day. My question has been asked many times in different areas on the site. I would like to know how I would be able to achieve one or two badges missing in the Badge Bundles. I find it concerning that newbies are able to get badges I am unable to purchase. Not only that, but they get them at a good discount. As of now I have at least 25 bundles which have outstanding badges and am unable to purchase. HELP!

    • Hi gzulu,
      Thank you for your feedback on Badge bundles. As of right now, I do not foresee this happening but I will send the request along. Thank you very much.

  • Thanks for another Great Insider and for the Fur & Feathered Babies too! Kudos to our Artists and I am enjoying all of the games even more since I got my new laptop! Lightening fast games! Every Insider now has new and exciting additions to Club Pogo! Fun Fun Fun! Kudos!! To You All! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  • I Want to re-request a change in the mini programming. We are so limited in how many graphics we can place in each scene, that it is just frustrating. It would be wonderful if you could create additional overlapping of items, versus trying to place an item, and losing one that was placed before-hand. So much money is used to buy mini items, but one just can’t use them all. In addition, please allow for more snapshots!

    • Thanks very much for your re-request on Minis, abc1954_. i will pass it along.

  • thank you for the animals I love all animals keep the good work up .
    Please if you can I would love to see a series of angels I love angels and I know there are a lot of people out there who also love them and collect them.

  • some of the games u play 2 get badges i can’t get 2 load cause of a pop up blocker.i cant get them 2 unblock

    • Hi sassyzelda, What browser are you using? You’ll have to all popups within your browser settings.

  • Thank you for the wonderful mini release!! LOVE IT!!
    I would like to request more pit bulls, (different colors) tho cuz there hasn’t been a whole lot of those!, plus maybe some more pigs, (pot bellied), and sloths!
    Would absolutely love having a background with deer & ducks on a pond or a body of water.
    I am a country grl & LOVE the wildlife!! (Just recently, my dtr & I came into close proximity with a young black bear..scary but amazing!!…Just glad he cldnt get to us! lol)
    Thank you for everything u do & have a gr8 week!!;-)

  • I just LOVE my reading Cheshire Cat Mini! I have him reading a little fairy to sleep in my mini and have called it Fairy “Tails”. Thanks for the great mini. I in general like the ones portraying reading anyway.


  • I would love to See a triton cockatoo in the mini mall. I have had my Sydney for 30 years now.
    he will be 31 Christmas day. I do not have children and he is my “son”
    he is such a joy!! and thanks for all that you do here for us (((((((((Pogo_Lama))))))))

  • I too, finished all ten badges and don’t see the award for the special badge (Club Pogo Marathron Badge).

    I looked under the Badges section on my profile page, and don’t see the Club Pogo Marathron Badge?
    Could you let me know if you see the award for the special badge (Club Pogo Marathron Badge).

    Thank you,

    • Hi HDMUM,
      I took a quick look and I see all but Badge 3 completed for your account. If you feel this is an error, please contact customer support by clicking here. Thank you.

      • Thank You Pogo Llama for letting me know.

        I will contact customer support.

        Have a wonderful evening.

        Thank You,

  • Would love to see more cats on the right side of the avatar…there are many more on the left, which imits your options. Thanks!