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Getting Started

Click here to scan your computer for common problems such as outdated software. For additional help and support from our EA Customer Experience staff, visit the Pogo Help Center.

You can also get help from the many experts in the Individual Troubleshooting forum. You can post a personalized topic detailing your problems, and other members can reply with helpful advice and solutions. Note: be sure to read and follow instructions carefully for best results.

Known Issues

Java version 8.6 may have game loading problems on IE11. If you have already installed 8.6 try restoring your Java security prompts. If games load slowly then we recommend the Firefox browser. Thank you for your patience as our engineers investigate this issue.
Non-standard zoom settings can cause problems dragging cards or clicking on objects in Hidden Object Games.. Learn more from this help article.
Firefox and other browsers may be blocking Flash unless you have the latest version. We recommend the latest build of Flash version Learn how at Answers HQ.
If you have Flash game loading issues, please ensure you are allowing domains in your anti-virus software. More details can be found here.
Google Chrome browser version 42.xx and above will no longer directly support the Java platform. We highly recommend using another browser such as Internet Explorer 11 or the latest Firefox. Read More.
Swashbucks challenges are not gaining progress at this time. Our team is investigating.
If you believe you completed the Weekly Challenge but your status says otherwise, your badge may already be awarded. To find your badge in your Weekly Badge Album, go to the current weekly album and click “Go to Last Page.” For more information, go here.
Download Games Manager & IE 11: Our team is aware of an issue using the Download Games Manager in IE 11 and is working on a fix. Please visit our forums for a work around to allow you to continue to access your games.

Please check our Forums for other known issues.