Below you can find a handy Wednesday badge tip sheet if you’re having trouble with this week’s badges, or Pogo badges in general.
Read now and learn how to succeed in games and earn Pogo Badges quickly.

Past Wednesday Badge Tips

General Badge Troubleshooting

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Wednesday Badge Tips 6/28 – 7/4

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Monkey Gems – Into The Swing Badge

Remove 300 red gems this week!


  • Make matches of 3 or more gems of the same color to remove them from the snake.
  • Red gems appear in the third level.
  • If the loose ends of the snake are the same color Gem, they’ll magnetically attract each other.
  • Look out for special gems with symbols on them, like the point multiplier gem or the cocobomb.

Use special gems in a match to activate them.


BATTLESHIP: Naval Combat – Lil Sinker Badge

Sink 80 ships this week!


  • Click DEPLOY FLEET to start a game.
  • You get one power-up per game. Just click a power-up to use it on your next shot.
  • Select the areas you want to shoot, then click the Red button in the lower-right corner of the game screen.
  • When you hit a ship, use your next turn to hit the boxes above, below, and to the sides of that hit. That will let you narrow down where exactly the ship is so you can sink it.
  • You can switch between Salvo Mode and Classic in the OPTIONS
    • Personally, we love Salvo because you get as many shots per turn as you have ships!